Interaction on Tourism in Lithuania


The Embassy of Nepal in Denmark organized an interaction on Nepali Tourism, inviting media persons, travel and tourism entrepreneurs, writers, photographers, filmmakers, at Pylimo g, 5 LT, Vilnius, Lithuania on 22 February 2018.

While welcoming the guests H. E. Yuba Nath Lamsal, Non-resident Ambassador of Nepal to Lithuania stated that there are tremendous opportunities in tourism sectors in Nepal and requested them to take benefits from the current favorable situation.

The Ambassador submitted his Letters of Credence to the President of Lithuania on 21 February 2018 as the first Ambassador of Nepal to Lithuania.

Mr. Dornath Aryal, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy made presentation on Tourism: ‘Why to visit Nepal’. He highlighted some of unique features and attractions of Nepal. Mr. Vladas Vitkauskas,  a Lithuanian national and first Everest Climber from Baltic States, also made a PowerPoint and video presentation sharing his experiences. He has climbed highest peaks of all the continents except Antarctica. Mr. Saulius Vilius, Everest Climber also shared his experiences. They highlighted the tourism attractions of Nepal and encouraged people to visit Nepal.

About thirty-five persons had participated in the programme and the programe was very much interactive and fruitful.

The Embassy of Nepal


22 February 2018



Press Release
An interaction on “Technology Transfer and Experience Sharing among Nepali Scholars” was jointly organized by the Embassy of Nepal, Non-Resident Nepali Association, Denmark (NRNA) and International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) at Kobbelvaenget 65, Copenhagen on 20 January 2018. A total number of 90 persons including 47 PhD holders/PhD scholars took part in the programme. Various presentations including Technology transfer on Waste Management Technology, Agriculture/Farming based technology, Medicines, Livestock were made by Nepali scholars. Presentation on Opportunities for enrollment in different universities in Denmark was also made.
This is the first programme organized in Denmark, which is mainly focused to help students seeking for academic improvements (such as higher studies and professional jobs after their study) as well as possibilities of knowledge/technology transfer to Nepal from Nordic countries. An informal group of Scientific-Academic Panel comprising scientists, researchers, and PhD scholars has been formed with the objectives of direct interaction with Nepalese Scientific-Academic Panel (NepSAP). The programme was coordinated by Dr. Sailesh Malla, and Dr. Nabin Aryal on behalf of the Scientific-Academic panel. The Embassy will organize other programmes in collaboration with Scientific-Academic Panel in accredited countries on specific areas giving priority on burning issues of Nepal.
The summary of the report of the programme will be sent to the concerned authorities of Nepal for possible implementation.
In the program, H.E. Yuba Nath Lamsal, Ambassador of Nepal to Denmark expressed happiness on the active participation of PhD scholars and assured them to extend every possible cooperation to organize such programmes in coming days. He stated that such programme would be significant to transfer technology/knowledge in Nepal since Nordic countries including Denmark are exemplary in many sectors.
Deputy Chief of Mission/Minister Counsellor of the Embassy Mr. Dornath Aryal delivered welcome remarks on behalf of the organizers. Dr. Sailesh Malla highlighted the importance and objectives of the programme and the role of Scientific-Academic Panel. Mr. Yam Lal Subedi, President, NRNA, Denmark and Mr. Sashi Dhakal, President, International Nepali Literary Society (INLS) spoke on the occasion as co-hosts; and they expressed happiness to be involved in the programme. Furthermore, they also assured to collaborate to organize such programme in future. The programme was conducted by Dr. Nabin Aryal.

The Embassy of Nepal
20 January 2018

Press Release

The Embassy of Nepal in Denmark and Nepal Tourism Board jointly organized an Interaction Programme on Nepalese Tourism at Asia House, Copenhagen on 16 January 2018. Media persons, travel, tourism, airlines entrepreneurs and representatives were invited in the programme. 

While welcoming the guests, H.E. Yuba Nath Lamsal highlighted current favorable situation of Nepal for tourism business and requested to take the benefits. Mr. Dornath Aryal, Deputy Chief of Mission/Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Nepal, Mr. Lars Gundersen, President, Denmark Nepal Society and former Honorary Public Relations Representative of Nepal Tourism Board, Mr. Jens Christian Trolle Nielsen, Everest Climber made presentations. They highlighted tourism attraction and unique features of Nepal. Mr. Jens Christian, Everest Climber shared his experiences of scaling the Everest.

Mr. Som Nath Sapkota and Mr. Dipak Sapkota, Honorary Public Relations Representatives of Nepal Tourism Board represented on behalf of co-organizer, Nepal Tourism Board. This is also a formal closure of Visit Nepal-Europe Campaign 2017 which was officially inaugurated in the United Kingdom and scheduled to formally close from Denmark. The Programme was conducted by Mr.Madhab Raj Kaphle, Third Secretary of the Embassy.

The programme was organized in close cooperation with Nepali Community in Denmark.


The Embassy of Nepal 


16 January 2018


Press Release

The Embassy of Nepal in Denmark and Mr. Ram Silwal, Honorary Public Relations Representatives of Nepal Tourism Board jointly organized an Interaction Programme on Nepalese
Tourism at Sankt Gertruds, Ostargatan 7, Malmo, Sweden on 11 January 2016.

Travel and tourism entrepreneurs, media persons and local people were invited in the programme. A total number of 87 persons attended the programme. While welcoming the guests Mr. Dornath Aryal, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Nepal emphasized on the current situation of Nepal and Government’s priority in tourism sectors based on tourism policy and tourism vision 2020. Highlighting some of unique features and attractions of Nepal he mentioned that it was the appropriate time for tourism entrepreneurs to promote their business in Nepal.

Ms. Ella Dahlstrom, Adventure Academy, made presentation on sustainability on tourism, Mr. Fredrik Hermelin, Chief Execuitive Officer of the Search Adventure and Ms. Xenia Brundin made presentations on Trekking and Mountaineering; and Nature and Culture respectively. The Programme was very much interactive and effective. The programme was conducted by Ms. Saga Swahn.

The Embassy of Nepal
11 January 2018


प्रेस बक्तब्य

कोपेनहेगनस्थित नेपाली राजदूतावासले आज २०७४ जेठ १५ गते राजदूतनिवासका एक रिसेप्सन सहितको कार्यक्रम गरी दशौं गणतन्त्र दिवस मनायो । उक्त कार्यक्रममा कोपेनहेगनस्थित नेपाली संघ सस्थाका प्रतिनिधिहरु समेतलाई आमन्त्रण गरिएको थियो । सो कार्यक्रममा बोल्दै महामहिम राजदूत श्री युवनाथ लम्सालले गणतन्त्र दिवसको महत्वको बारेमा प्रकाश पार्दै विदेशमा बस्ने सबै नेपाली देशका प्रतिनिधि भएको र सोहीअनुसार सबैले आआफ्नो तर्फबाट नेपालको हकहित प्रवद्र्धनमा र नेपालको प्रतिष्ठा बढाउन पहल गर्नु पर्ने कुरा बताउनु भयो ।
उक्त कार्यक्रमको संचालन मिनिष्टर काउन्सेलर तथा उपनियोग प्रमुख डोरनाथ अर्यालले गर्नु भएको थियो । सो क्रममा बोल्दै श्री अर्यालले सेवा प्रवाहलाई प्रभावकारी बनाउन हालै वेभसाइट अपडेट गरी सहज बनाइएको, राजदूतावासको फोनमा कुनै कारणवस सम्पर्क हुन नसकेमा वा कुनै जरुरी भएमा उपनियोग प्रमुख र तृतीय सचिवको मोवाइल नम्बरमा सीधै फोन गर्न मिल्ने गरी वेभसाइट अपडेट गरीएको कुरा बताउनु भयो ।
डेनमार्कस्थित सबै नेपाली संघ संगठनहरुको तर्फबाट बोल्दै डेनमार्कस्थित गैरआवासीय नेपाली संगठनका अध्यक्ष श्री दीपेन्द्र चुडालले कार्यक्रममा आमन्त्रणको लागि धन्यवाद दिदै डेनमार्कमा प्रायः जसो नेपालीहरु उच्च शिक्षा हासिल गरेका व्यक्तिहरु रहेका, सबै संघ सस्थाहरु एक आपसमा अत्यन्तै मिलेर उदाहरणीय रुपमा काम गर्दै आएको र भविष्यमा पनि एक अर्कालाई गालीगलौज भन्दा पनि इज्जत दिएर सकारात्मक सोंच लिएर अघि बढ्नु पर्ने कुरा बताउनु भयो । करिब ३० जनाको उपश्थिति रहेको उक्त कार्यक्रममा सबैलाई दुईदुई मिनेट बोल्न समय समेत प्रदान गरिएको थियो ।
नेपाली राजदूतावास