New Arrangements for the Issuance of Visa

The following arrangements have been made for the Issuance of Visa in reference to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Visa-on-arrival has been suspended until further notice. Therefore, all persons willing to visit Nepal should obtain visa before they travel to Nepal.

Who can travel to Nepal?

1 Travelling for essential propose

Diplomats, staffs working in UN agencies in Nepal and their family members can travel to Nepal. They can apply to the Embassy for the visa or coordinate with the respective mission in Kathmandu to arrange for the visa-on-arrival. 


Pleasure trips to Nepal can be done by observing the following regulations:

  1. Tourists willing to visit Nepal must obtain a Nepali visa prior to entering Nepal.

However, in case if visa for Nepal is not available in the respective country or the tourists are travelling in groups, they can go to Nepal by obtaining prior approval in coordination with the travel or trekking agency based in Nepal. If the submission is made from the concerned agency for the pre-approval, recommendation will be made to the Department of Immigration through the Department of Tourism for the tourist and through Nepal Tourism Board for the tourist and the same will be informed to the concerned agency.  

  1. Tourists coming to Nepal recommended as per article 1 shall be issued a visa by the Department of Immigration at the concerned immigration point.
  2. Tourists entering Nepal shall submit the following documents at the corresponding immigration point:

a. PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) tests report of corona within the last 72 hours showing COVID negative.

b. Visa or prior approval documents obtained for coming to Nepal.

c. Documents of hotel booking in Nepal to stay at least seven days in quarantine.

d. Insurance documents relating to COVID-19 amounting at least 5,000.00 USD 

  1. The tourists shall stay at least 7 days in hotel quarantine after entering Nepal.
  2. The tourist shall sign a document at the immigration point making commitment to follow the health protocol made by the Government of Nepal.  
  3. Trekking or mountaineering team must make insurance amounting at least Nepalese Rupees hundred thousand relating to COVID-19 for the member of the team joining them from Nepal. 
  4. All the health-related protocols approved by the Ministry of Health and Population of Nepal must be complied with during their stay in Nepal.
  5. Other conditions and arrangements to be followed by the tourists will be as specified by the Department of Tourism by publishing notices from time to time.

Person of Nepali Origin (NRN) and their family members

  1. Persons of Nepali origin (NRN) and their family members (spouse and children) can travel to Nepal by taking visa from the Embassy. They are eligible for visa-on-arrival at the airport.
  2. If such persons are applying to the Embassy they have to submit evidence of being person of Nepali Origin.
  3. Person holding NRN card issued by the Embassy or by the Government of Nepal will not need visa till the validity of NRN Identity Card. 

What are the regulations for the travelers?

  1. Passengers travelling to Nepal must have PCR test certificate showing negative result results and taken not earlier than 72 hours before their boarding. 
  2. Passengers travelling as tourists should have insurance document relating to COVID-19 amounting at least 5,000.00 USD (health insurance covering COVID-19). 
  3. All passengers should observe quarantine rules issued by the Government from time to time. 
  4. Tourists can stay in hotel quarantine while other persons who are residing in Nepal can go to home quarantine.

Copenhagen, 13 January 2021