Attention: We have been informed that some fraudulent webpages are cheating the applicants by making fake webpages. The Government of Nepal doesn’t have any payment system by debit/credit card or such other method. So we request all to be alert of such fake webpages that may cheat you. The only authentic visa portal for Nepali visa is and payment can only be made as instructed by the Embassy or at the Immigration point in Nepal.

Basic Information about Visa Obtaining Process (Visa Hours: 10:00 – 12:30 hrs. Monday-Friday )

Please fill an online visa application form (click here for the application) to apply for a visa at the Embassy.

  • All foreigners, except Indian nationals, will need a visa to enter Nepal, however, you can take visa on-arrival if your country is not listed among those that require visa before arrival. (Citizens of Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are eligible for visa-on-arrival)
  • Visitors can apply for a visa at this Embassy during visa hours (Monday to Friday between 10:00 to 12:30 hours), except on public holidays.
  • For the nationals of all European countries visa on-arrival can be obtained at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.
  • (To find the details on eligibility for visa on-arrival please visit
  • As per the decision of the Government of Nepal, hand written passports will not be accepted for the issuance of visas.
  • Applicants are required to pay a visa fee as provided below.
  • Children below the age of 10 years are exempted from visa fees.
  • Applicants are supposed to submit the following documents for obtaining a visa:

–       Printed copy of the visa submission confirmation.
–       Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and its copy
–       An official note or letter for the issuance of visa for Diplomatic or Official passport holders (for issuing gratis visa)

Travel Document holders are required to contact the Embassy prior to sending their documents for visa.

In reference to the COVID-19, requirements for travelling to Nepal and other travel guidelines and visa requirements may change from time to time. Please follow the updates before leaving for Nepal.


Diplomatic Visa
Holder of a Diplomatic passport going to Nepal for official purposes can apply for a Diplomatic visa to the embassy. An online application form should be filled (Please click here for the application) and the application should be sent to the Embassy with the following documents:

  1. Request Note/letter from the respective Foreign Ministry/ Department/ Mission
  2. Printed copy of the visa submission confirmation
  3. Original and copy of the passport.

The Embassy may issue a 30 days entry visa. The bearer should apply in the Department of Consular Services for the extension.

Official Visa

Bearers of Official/Service Passport going to Nepal for official purposes can apply for an Official visa to the embassy. An online application form should be filled (Please click here for the application) and the application should be sent to the Embassy with the following documents:

  1. Request Note/letter from the respective Foreign Ministry/ Department/ Mission
  2. Printed copy of the visa submission confirmation
  3. Original and a copy of the passport.

The Embassy may issue Official Visas for the period of maximum 30 days upon receipt of the application.  The following officials are eligible for official gratis visa:

  • Administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions accredited to Nepal and serving Honorary Consuls/Consul Generals of Nepal;
  • Advisors and technical experts working in Nepal under an official agreement with the Government of Nepal;
  • UN officials holding UN Laissez-Passer;
  • Officials working in the international / regional organizations based in Nepal;
  • Persons visiting Nepal to attend meetings, conference etc. at the invitation of the Government of Nepal, other Government owned bodies, UNO, Regional Organizations and their subsidiary organizations;
  • Official passport holders visiting Nepal for official business.

Tourist Visa
The Embassy issues Tourist Visas to the foreigners visiting Nepal for leisure purposes.

In addition to Denmark, the Embassy is concurrently accredited to Estonia, Finland, Iceland,  Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. Therefore, if you have a passport of one of those countries or you are living there, you can apply to the Embassy for a visa. However, if you are living in Iceland, Lithuania or Sweden you can apply to the respective Honorary Consul General or Honorary Consul of Nepal. Detail address is given below. 

Persons traveling to Nepal for other purposes such as study, business, work will require to apply a tourist visa to the Embassy. They can apply for the respective visa in Nepal once they arrive in Nepal. For the details about the visa please visit Department of Immigration, Nepal

Generally, it takes one working day to issue a visa, which means if you submit your application today you will get the visa the next working day. However, if a person comes in-person and there is an urgency, visas may be issued on the same day. The exact time duration will depend upon the workload.

If an applicant sends a passport through posts, he/she is also requested to send a return envelope or envelope label/stamp to return the passport after issuing a visa. Regular or first-class mail has no tracking number to inquire about the delivery status. Therefore, we advise all the applicants to send a prepaid envelope of any kind of express mail to return the passport.

The Embassy will not take any responsibility for any undelivered passport because of loss or damage caused by the courier or delay caused due to failure to send sufficient postal charges. Additional charge may be required if you want us to send by registered/priority post or specified courier company. 

Visa fees
• DKK 270  for 15 days multiple entry 
• DKK 400  for 30 days multiple entry 
• DKK 1000 for 90 days multiple entry

Please note that payment can either be made via bank transfer or can be paid in cash if the applicant comes in-person. All payment must be made in Danish Kroner. Revenue once paid will not be refunded, so please make sure before you make payment. 

If you are transferring through a bank please write the name and purpose of the amount. For example, if you are sending money for the visa of Christian Pedersen, please write “Visa fee: Christian Pedersen” or write name of all if the amount is more than one applicant.

Note: Please note that banks charge DKK 50 when transferring money through the banks from other countries outside Denmark. Therefore, in addition to the above amount the sender has to add 50 DKK as bank charge to transfer the exact amount.

If two or more applicants are applying together, you may make a single money transfer.

Once issued, a visa cannot be withdrawn, visa fees cannot be refunded, and a visa should be used within six months from the date of issuance. After having obtained a visa, you are requested to check your type of visa and visa details written in the visa sticker.

Tourists carrying more than US$ 2000 or equivalent foreign currency should declare it at the immigration point of Nepal by filling Customs Declaration Form at the time of arrival in Nepal. Failure to submit the Customs Declaration Form exceeding the above-mentioned amount shall be liable to action  in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Rules and Regulations of Nepal.

Tourists traveling by land route by personal vehicle should be in possession of a valid permit (passage d’carnet) along with the vehicle.

Note: Travel Documents/alien passport holders are required to contact the Embassy prior to sending their documents by post. (Such travel documents/alien passport holders are required to provide invitation/sponsorship letters and two-way tickets. The Embassy may also ask for an interview)

The bank details for online payment of visa fees:

Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Nepal, Copenhagen
Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. No.: 4001
Account No.: 3204374848
IBAN: DK9530003204374848

If you need further information please feel free to contact us:

Embassy of Nepal
Esplanaden 46, 2 Sal
1263 Copenhagen
Telephone: (+45) 44 44 40 26
email: (for visa matters only)

Tourist visas to Nepal can also be obtained from the Honorary Consul General’s Office in Stockholm (Sweden), and Honorary Consul’s Office in Reykjavik(Iceland).

The contact detail is as follows:

1. Sweden, Stockholm

Honorary Consulate General of Nepal
P.O.Box: 7199 Se 10388, Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46-86119032 Fax: +46-86119140

2. Iceland, Reykjavik

Honorary Consul of Nepal
Endurhæfing House
Kópavogsgerði 10
200 Kópavogur, Reykjavik

Tel: +354 414 4500

+354 820 8118 (Mobile)



Frequently asked questions.

1. Must I personally come to the Embassy for a visa?

It is not mandatory, you may send your passport along with the copy of the submission confirmation or you can authorize someone to submit and collect your passport. If the holder of the passport is minor (below 16), the legal guardian will submit the passport on his/her behalf. Please note that if you are sending the passport by post, you have to arrange for return ticket, the Embassy bears no responsibility for loss or damage of passport by the courier.

Often, the courier takes longer than expected, therefore, either you arrange your courier in your own way or send the passport well in advance.

2. Is there any requirement/restriction relating to COVID? 

No, all the restrictions and requirements relating to COVID has been lifted. However, if you develop any symptoms relating to COVID 19, you have to check it in your own cost and isolate yourself if found positive.

3. Should I take prior appointment to apply visa? 

No, you need not to take appointment. You can just come to the Embassy during visa hours.

3. How long does it take to get a visa?

Generally you can expect to submit the document today and get the visa the next day. However, if you prefer to take the visa on the same day, you may submit the documents before 12:00 hrs. and wait there (about half an hour) or collect your passport at a suggested time after 14:00 hrs. depending upon the number of applicant in the Embassy.

4. I have a temporary passport, can I get a visa on arrival?

Temporary passport given to its own citizen is equally eligible for visa-on-arrival. However, if the temporary passport or travel document is issued to the foreign citizens who are residing as a refugee will not be eligible for visa-on-arrival. They are required to have a visa before travelling to Nepal.


4 October 2023