Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (अधिकृत वारेसनामा) 

A Nepali citizen can give authority to represent or act on behalf of him/her in Nepal for selling rightfully held property or represent in the court in a specified form. The person who is giving such power of attorney can apply to the Embassy to attest it.

The Embassy may verify the signature of those giving Power of Attorney (POA) for which the following procedure should be followed.

  1. Prepare the PoA (two copies) and an application from a legal practitioner of Nepal in a designated format.
  2. Take appointment for the attestation at the Embassy (please call to +4544444026 or write an email to eoncopenhagen@mofa.gov.np for the appointment).
  3. Come personally at the Embassy with the required documents at the time of appointment.
  4. Pay the revenue and attest the documents.

Required Documents for all:

  1. Two original copies of Power of Attorney (drafted by a registered legal practitioner of Nepal and duly signed by him/her with full name and registration number, printed in Nepali paper)
  2. Original copy of application (drafted by a registered legal practitioner of Nepal and duly signed by him/her with full name and registration number, printed in Nepali paper)
  3. Original and a photocopy of citizenship certificate.
  4. Original and a copy of passport
  5. Two photos of each applicant and attorney taken not earlier than last six months.
  6. Copy of the citizenship certificate of the attorney attested by a notary public of Nepal.
  7. If it is mentioned that the witnesses are presented in the Embassy, they shall come to the Embassy physically, however if only the names of the witnesses is mentioned, they can sign the document without physical present.

Additional Documents:

  1. Selling of property:

Original and copy of ownership certificate (such as land registration certificate(लाल पुर्जा),  vehicle registration certificate(सवारी धनी प्रमाणपत्र-blue book), share certificate etc.)

Original copy of latest tax payment (revenue receipt), or its notary verified copy.

2. Legal representation:

Relevant documents for the legal representation (such as marriage certificate, ownership certificate etc. that verify the cause of legal representation).


Danish Kroner 1600.00 (One thousand six hundreds)

Please note that the bank charges Transfer Commission (usually 50.00 Kroner) when sending the amount from outside Denmark. Therefore add bank charge to the above amount when transferring the amount. The amount can also be paid at the Embassy in cash.

Bank Details:

Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Nepal, Copenhagen
Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. No.: 4001
Account No.: 3204374848
IBAN: DK9530003204374848


Frequently asked questions.

  1. If I have foreign passport or I have NRN ID, can the Embassy attest the document?

No. If you are not Nepali citizen, or you were Nepali citizen but now you have taken foreign passport, you can not apply for the attestation, even if you still possess Nepali citizenship/passport.

1. Must I personally come to the Embassy? Why?

Yes, you (the principal) must come personally at the Embassy. The verifying official has to sign the document stating that the signatory has signed the document in front of him/her. This can only be ensured when the official sees the document signed by the right person.

2. Must I take prior appointment? What happens if I appear without appointment?

As per the existing rule, only the head of the Embassy – Ambassador or Charge d’Affaires a.i. – are authorized to sign the documents. If the signing official is occupied in other work, or is in leave or away from the Embassy, s/he will not be able to sign the document. To ensure his/her availability you must take prior appointment.

4. I am living outside Denmark, is there any alternative than me coming to the Embassy?

Generally, you have to come in-person to the Embassy, however if the Ambassador or the Charge d’Affairs a. i. happens to come to your country, s/he can verify the document there. You can ask the Embassy if there is such schedule.

5. If the attested PoA is lost/stolen/damaged or otherwise some changes are required what should I do?

By whatever the reasons thereof, if you have to make another copy of the PoA, you must follow all the procedure as before and you have to pay the fee as well. Therefore, we suggest you to properly prepare the documents before producing at the Embassy and keep them safe after attestation.