Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney (अधिकृत वारेसनामा) 

Power of Attorney (POA), drafted by a registered lawyer in Nepal and duly signed by the concerned relative of the applicant in Nepal affixing his/her photograph at the top of the document, is generally accepted by the Embassy for attestation/legalization.

You are requested to take prior appointment as only Ambassador or Charge d’Affaires are authorized at the Embassy to sign the document as per existing rules. 

The applicant should submit the following documents for the said purpose:

  • Two original copies of Power of Attorney
  • Original and a photocopy of citizenship certificate
  • Original and a copy of passport
  • Photocopy of the land registration certificate (If Power of Attorney is given for selling land or house)
  • Copy of the revenue receipt paid recently (If Power of Attorney is given for selling land or house)
  • Marriage Certificate (If POA is given for divorce)
  • Government Fee for Power of Attorney (1400 DKK)
  • Two photos of each; applicant’s and attorney’s

Documents attested by the Foreign Ministries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

The Embassy also attests the documents issued and attested by the respective Foreign Ministries of in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia,  Latvia and Lithuania. The applicants are requested to submit the original and photocopy of the documents for attestation.

Fee Structure for Attestation/Legalization/Power of Attorney

Notice on Revised Attestation Fees

This is to inform all the concerned that the Embassy will charge fees as per the decision of the Government of Nepal (Council of Ministers)  dated 29 June 2018 for the attestation of the documents as specified below, with effect from 17 July 2018.

S. No. Type of Document/Service Attestation Fees Per Document (In Danish Kroner) Remarks
1. Welfare related services:

·         Recommendation for organ transplantation

·         Recommendation regarding dead body

·         Recommendation regarding search, rescue and repatriation

·         Application regarding compensation for the injured or dead body, or

·         Such other services

Free of Charge Free of Charge
2. ·         Letter of Consent, guarantee letter, employment or service contract or such other labour related services;

·         Marriage Certificate;

·         Academic Certificate;

·         Relationship Certificate;

·         Driving License;

·         Marital Status Certificate;

·         Birth/Death/Divorce Certificate;

·         To Whom It May Concern;

·         All kinds of applications or such other documents

350.00 350.00
3. ·         Attestation of copies of document issued by bank and financial institution;

·         Migration Certificate;

·         Police Clearance Certificate;

·         Medical Report;

·         Affidavit;

·         Letter of Origin;

·         Such other documents

700.00 700.00
4. Power of Attorney 1,400.00 1,400.00
५. Demand Letter S.No. Number of Labourers Fees
a. 1 – 25 2,100.00 Documents related to Demand Letter (Per Set)
b. 26- 100 2,450.00
c. 101 and above 2,800.00
d. Additional charge for rectifying Demand Letter related documents 700.00 Per Document


पुनश्चः नेपाल सरकार (मन्त्रिपरिषद) को निर्णयानुसार मिति २०७५ साउन १ तदनुसार २०१८ जुलाई १७ देखि लागू हुने गरी प्रमाणीकरण शुल्कमा देहायबमोजिम परिवर्तन हुने भएकोले सम्वन्धित सवैमा जानकारीका लागि अनुरोध गरिन्छ ।

क्र. सं कागजातको प्रकार प्रमाणीकरण दस्तुर प्रति कागजात (डेनिश क्रोनरमा) कैफियत
१. कल्याणकारी प्रकारका सेवाहरु (अंग प्रत्यारोपणका लागि सिफारिश, खोजतलास तथा उद्धार सम्वन्धी कार्यको सिफारिश, घाईते तथा मृतकको क्षतिपूर्ति सम्बन्धी निवेदन वा अन्य यस्तै प्रकारका सेवाहरु) । निःशुल्क निःशुल्क
२. मन्जुरीनामा, जमानतपत्र, रोजगार सम्झौता, सेवा सम्झौता वा अन्य यस्तै प्रकारका श्रम सम्बन्धी सेवाहरु, विवाहदर्ता, शैक्षिक प्रमाणपत्र, नाता प्रमाणित, नागरिकता र लाईसेन्स, वैवाहिक अवस्थाको प्रमाणपत्र, जन्मदर्ता, मृत्युदर्ता, सम्बन्धविच्छेद दर्ता प्रमाणपत्र, सवै प्रकारका निवेदन, जो जससँग सम्बन्धित छ वा अन्य यस्तै प्रकारका कागजातहरु। ३५०।०० ३५०।००
३. बैंक तथा बित्तिय संस्थावाट जारी भएका कागजात प्रतिलिपि प्रमाणीकरण वा बसाँईसराइ वा प्रहरी प्रतिवेदन वा चिकित्सकको प्रमाणपत्र, एफिडेभिट, उत्पत्तिको प्रमाणपत्र वा यस्तै प्रकारका अन्य कागजातहरु । ७००।०० ७००।००
४. अधिकृत वारेसनामा १,४००।०० १,४००।००
५. मागपत्रका सम्वन्धमा क्र सं श्रमिक संख्या लाग्ने दस्तुर
१ देखि २५ २,१००।०० मागपत्रसँग सम्वन्धित प्रति सेटका लागि ।
२६ देखि १०० २,४५०।००
१०० भन्दा बढी २,८००।००
मागपत्रसँग सम्वन्धित कागजात सच्याउनका लागि पुनः पेश गर्नुपरेमा । ७००।०० प्रति   कागजात ।

पुनश्चः बैंक ट्रान्सफर कमिशन (डेनमार्क वाहिरवाट शुल्क पठाउँदा सामान्यतयाः 50।00 क्रोनर) तथा हुलाक खर्च (सामान्यतयाः 150।00 क्रोनर) सेवाग्राही आफैंले व्यहोर्नुपर्ने भएकोले माथि उल्लिखित दस्तुरमा सो समेत थप गरी पठाउनुहुन अनुरोध गरिन्छ ।

Please find the Application for Au Pair Demand Attestation/Verication in this link.Application for Au Pair (Attestation)
Applicants are requested to send the service charges through bank transfer unless they present in person at the Embassy.

Please find the bank details at the bottom of this page and transfer the exact amount as mentioned in the above table.
Also remember to click on “The Orderer will pay all charges” option while transferring the amount.

The bank details:

Name of Beneficiary: Embassy of Nepal, Copenhagen
Bank: Danske Bank
Reg. No.: 4001
Account No.: 3204374848
IBAN: DK9530003204374848